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15 Responses to Get it Off Your Chest

  1. Ah Christ that’s it I’m away to hide for a while, it’s like standing beside a drunk with a lit candle searching for a gas leak!

  2. What a bunch of whinny little gits, did someone steal the cream of your buns ?
    Did Ashers not make your cake?

    The ICU is not riddled with corruption that’s just horseshit from a discredited facebook page written by someone on the run for ….. wait for it …. it’s worth the pause … err .. um … corruption !

    The UCU board did not get up one morning and think “ah jeez lads lets join the ICU” it has been an on going process for both parties for several years now. The time was right and the right decision was made. The UCU board is trying to ensure the health of local chess, if a closer alignment with other like minded bodies is required to develope or enhance chess in Ulster then the board would be foolish not to seize that opportunity.

    If someone else is pumping in serious hours updating a chess website that he owns suppling dates, useful information, tables, results etc etc for your benefit … bloody good luck to the guy. He has drive ambition and a vision whereas his detractors only have petty jealousies and a mouthful of sucked lemons.

    No surprises really empty vessels always make the loudest sounds

  3. Baseball says:

    Phew this place is starting to smell stagnant and putrid. Much like the UCU.
    What are we to make of the recent forced move to online events? Well, it brings out the worst in some people. Questionable performances seem to be all the rage these days. A junior or intermediate player with an otb rating that hasn’t moved in years? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Just play online! Fancy getting your name on a roll of honour? No problem, it can be accommodated. Where once you may have been wrought with indecision and nerves (plus a poor understanding of your position and an inability to calculate two moves ahead), you can now display your true strength and play like a stallion or a GM. Never mind those naysayers who suggest your new found technique and evaluation function is too remarkable. You always were this strong. It just that you found those physical pieces so confusing in a way that flat screen isn’t.
    While the anonymity of the internet ensures that games against a faceless opponent carry no weight other than in the diseased mind of the dishonest, playing games online against real life colleagues ensures that for some the temptation to gain advantage by any means to claim bragging rights is unbearable. Shame on them.
    What is more deafening than the obvious contempt of your peers is the relative silence of the powers that be. Faced with evidence, not to mention commence sense, those responsible have taken a pass on enforcement action, worried perhaps that shining a light on these dark corners might be more than their job’s worth and more effort than they can be bothered with.
    Alas, moves are afoot. The fightback has begun. Remember: a good reputation is nearly impossible to get back.

    • Andrew Todd says:

      It’s a shame that we have been forced to move online but naturally have little option with the pandemic and personally think online chess is better then no chess at all. I think the best measure to ensure fair play is a video link to players competing like the British Championship is online and will have a video link which I’m predicting will ensure a fair event.

  4. Brittany Spears says:

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

  5. Baseball says:

    Well well…the above post has matured like a fine wine.
    The recent spate of account closures and enforcement action is a welcome movement in the right direction. One can only hope that a return to over the board play is imminent. If not, and we continue along the same trajectory, we may not have enough honest people left to form a quorum…

  6. Excellent(?) says:

    Bravo! yet another home run for Baseball…I will only echo (in a less erudite manner) everything he has said thusfar. Since lockdown came into effect (last March, if you can believe that!?), chess has experienced an online boom. This is of course good; we who love and enjoy the game should welcome new blood! However, it would be naive not to assume some accompanying difficulties, which have of course come to pass. Chief among these, is the lack of a natural comparative yardstick, that OTB play would’ve provided. The result is an emboldened cadre of people (many of whom would be inclined to cheat anyhow), who think there task will be made even easier- putting in superGM performances online and just hoping/praying folks won’t take note of their past “real-life accomplishments”. Not only do current and prospective cheats risk reputational suicide, on their own behalf- in the process, they compromise the integrity of online competition and ruin things for the majority. For this reason, now is the time that we as a Union must take a robust stance. Either punish cheaters with strict, well-defined penalties that “send a message” OR invite a “free-for-all, cheats-r-us, mega romp-fest” the likes of which has never been seen before…If we allow the latter, who will even want to make a re-appearance when/if OTB chess returns?? The “time for choosing” is now upon us…the right choice is neither overly difficult nor ambiguous…which would make it all the more shocking an indictment if we didn’t make it!

    • Excellent(?) says:

      correction- “who think *their* task will be made even easier”. Good SPG is a must in any online ramblings!

  7. Excellent(?) says:

    “Corruption, Murder at Shawshank”

  8. Excellent(?) says:

    “Having trouble finding the delete button?”- a wise man once asked…

  9. Excellent(?) says:

    My thoughts? hmmm…

  10. Baseball says:

    We are at a watershed moment.
    Decency, civility, honesty. Values by which ordinary folk live their lives have been sacrificed at the altar of a vainglorious narcissist.
    The membership of the union have recently witnessed nasty personal attacks on one member by another altogether lesser individual. Sneering asides, delivered with grinning happy clappy rainbow flavoured niceness, have served to remind the ordinary punter that it is best to be on the inside of the tent pissing out, rather than on the outside of the tent trying to piss in. These unwise attacks, noted by a wide section of the union for the pathetic and ineffective nature of their assault, will only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who hold the union dear.
    What was the purpose? Was it for the unelected, unaccountable, unacceptable face of unions past to maintain influence and exert control from outside the tent? To be the puppet master, deftly operating a suitable supine puppet with all the skill that only years of practise in such pursuits can deliver?
    It is time for a sad chapter in the history of the union to close. What other option? To allow the institution to fall further from its once high pedestal would he tragic. Only a fresh approach is capable of rescuing such a desperate position.

  11. QUB says:

    The Ulsters this year looks like an absolute shambles, I mean come on 5 games for the ulster title how did this happen. The downward joke spiral of chess here the last 2-4 years is just super sad. Much as hindsight is a great thing this would never have happened with ballynafeigh running the ucu

  12. Excellent(?) says:

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Sign up for the AGM (either in-person or Zoom) while there’s still time:

  13. Excellent(?) says:

    “The better man lost”

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