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57 Responses to Off The Chest

  1. Baseball says:

    Congratulations to the Yank. Impressive run to the title.

    We should get back to the four day chess festival of yesteryear.
    We should get back to the idea of the Ulster Championship for Ulster Players.
    We should incentivise the membership with proper prizes.
    We should also consider the position of the executive board and their part time leader.

    • Sweet Jesus do you ever give it a rest?
      One of the few certainties in life is that your personality could be greatly enhanced by the violent collision of your tender bits and a pair of builders boots!

  2. Patrick says:

    Every organisation needs its official whiner! Well done to Steve, is he back over 2000 now?

  3. Hammer says:

    Maybe he’s not allowed to talk in the house……..but he does have some points…….Congrats to the Baltimore Bullet…

    • Stephen Morgan says:

      Well done Steve, loved your finish against Pereria, closed positions right up your street, nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest lol

      • Nick says:

        Yes his endgame technique is maybe the best in ulster atm. Felt like a win when we met on sat night. His bravery v Pereira was rewarded by marching that king up the board.

  4. Stephen Scannell says:

    Thanks guys for ur warm congrats. I asked in my acceptance speech if I wud gain any points and Ross responded by saying one point. HaHa! He could be right. It just goes to show what a closely contested tourney it was and how close in strength we are.Everyone seemed to be in form and the games were a spectators delight. Yes closed positions has always been my favourite since I started out. I wouldn’t lose as quickly. LoL. I fear that since we got on okay with a weekend format it might be what the Europa give us from now on. We however, shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth if this in fact happens and I feel accept it. Adrian,Brendan and Ross did an excellent job controlling this fine event.

  5. Baseball says:

    Once again the official organ has collapsed.
    Has no one run a cheque off to the south of France recently?
    Incompetence! If ever there was an issue to resign over….

    • For once I strangely agree with the clown prince of Ulster chess. Our website leaves too much to be desired at times.
      Where can we find cheap Russian hackers? Someone else will need to do it I had a bit of a typo the last time and half a dozen skimpy clad Russian women turned up at my door, that would be all well and grand most of the time but the wife and her sister were in.

  6. Soft Fluffy Pawn says:

    talk says there is gonna be 4 divisions this year???? gonna spill the news

  7. Baseball says:

    Questions relating to the organisation of the upcoming league season are mute. I have no confidence that an effective and fair season will be allowed to progress.

    A quick perusal of the official organ’s summary of the 2009 Division 1 standings states the following:

    1: Ravens 82.5
    2. QUB 1 81.0

    with the following unwarranted comment inserted:

    ‘final result is in dispute and remains unresolved; no winner has been declared’

    This is an outrageous misrepresentation of the findings of the AGM following the league season. This slap in the face to the will of the body of the AGM represents everything that is bad about the UCU.

    The only fair and logical conclusion of these shenanigans is that the current board and their fine president do the honourable thing and resign en masse.

    • Stephen Scannell says:

      Yea Baseball this is a surprise to me. I thought the vote went to the Ravens n they then won the league. Thè board should’ve at that time finalised matters. The fact that they haven’t could open things up to debate again which would be a waste of time. Too bad such a sad league incident wasn’t taken care of once and for all.

  8. Soft Fluffy Pawn says:

    Thats cos our website is horseshyte which we have no control or say over according to our Pres who told me face to face that no matter watt questions are asked or what codes is demanded we are not allowed them.
    I wud just shut it down and make another

  9. Baseball says:

    It’s about time that someone in the UCU had the gumption, temerity and courage to stand up to the dictatorship that is the UCU management system (sic).

    I applaud any student of free thinking willing to put forward ideas that may rescue the UCU from its own largesse.

    Power to the people…Down with this sort of thing!

    • Soft Fluffy Pawn says:

      whats goin on

    • Hammer says:

      So,,Chess NI deleted my comments re; Queens withdrawal from the league on FB…Whats this Chess NI…censorship?? get a life you sad little man,,i know who you are,,you wont be able to hide,,,see you soon t**t

  10. Andrew Todd says:

    Seems a shame what happened. Is there no chance of further diplomacy to sort the situation? Queens would be a big miss to the Ulster Chess scene as they appear to have become big players again recently. They’ve helped set up and host events outside of just the league, if I’m not wrong the Masters is held at Queens this weekend? Whilst their wording to start a conversation seems to be poor and I understand the board can’t get held to ransom by one club it may be worth hearing what Queens final negotiation position actually was?

  11. NI chess fan says:

    Having been a former member of the Queen’s club as well as other clubs in Ulster it truly is a worrying sign that a club as large as Queen’s (4Teams) have pulled out of the league, something must be done to reconcile these difference and also to stop the rumour mill from turning, as I have heard many disturbing stories in the past few hours of member of Queen’s and of the UCU board acting in juvenile and senseless ways towards each other.

    Should an emergency general meeting be called to end this childishness between the two parties? I believe such actions would be prudent.

    • Hammer says:

      the President of the Union acted perfectly correct,,the fixtures were made and posted,,the silly child of Queens demanded to be given the post of league controller or else,,,he was told to ‘do one’ and rightly so…..Blackmail has to be faced down…no other child was involved…the way for change is at the AGM,,,did Queens attend??,if so, did they ask for the controllers post then?,,,A case of spitting the dummy out methinks

      • NI chess fan says:

        I do not know the ins and outs of this business nor do I profess to know and I must say I have doubts that you or anyone else not involved in these conversations know the full story. We as chess fan should be calling for a reasonable solution rather than juvenile name calling of those who would be considerably better educated than many in the country.

      • Ben Campbell says:

        If you are so intent on calling the Queen’s students children because they are affiliated to a University, a place of education. It does not surprise your comment is both pointless and judgemental.
        P.S. I hope you realise you are wrong to judge when you are not directly involved. I recommend possibly attending a place of education, perhaps Queen’s University Belfast, to gain a more open perspective.

      • Hammer says:

        ive forgot more than you will ever know Ben,,,its called life experience,,so dont try and be smart with me ok??

      • NI chess fan says:

        Mr Campbell I would suggest not causing further antagonism. While I have heard of official word from Damien has been circulated nothing so far has come from Queen’s…. I assume you and your club have your reasons for this, and I will withhold my judgement until such time had both sides have had their say, others, however, will not and I must advise you that juvenile sarcasm does nothing to further your public image.

  12. Karpov says:

    Okay heard the full story today from both sides and i can only conclude the uni guys are being really silly. What happened 3 years ago has nothing to do with the current season.
    Their attempt to sneak into the 1st division was not really a starter with the line up open to them the top tier is really tough bnf2 and CC will still struggle badly but a QUB 2 would be humiliating and devalue the whole thing.

  13. Bill says:

    they did come in front of civil service but they got new players so i guess dc knows what hes doing by looking at the teams

    • Hammer says:

      Queens2 also demanded to be in div 1,,despite their top board being only 1500

      • collesystem says:

        I believe the league rules state that the top two go up whilst the bottom clubs are relegated. Or have the rules changed? If so what is the point of winning or coming second in a league. If we are talking about gradings well I think I have read a lot on this site about people complaining about the top seeds in the Ulster Senior in recent years barley reaching 2000 whilst the entrants range from the 1700-1900…..and yes the rule about gradings in leagues may have been ‘infallible’ 15 years ago when we had multiple 2000 players in division one…however now how many over 1900 do we have….or should I mention the rating system….or am off track……….EGM

      • Hammer says:

        naturally so that the top team is promoted and the bottom team goes down….clubs change,clubs fold,,players move on,new players come in, etc.etc…… each new season needs to be re-evalutated sometimes,,and this season certainly needs to,,especially when cry babies spit the dummy out and mess the whole fixture list up and hold the UCU to ransom,,,being a student certainly doesnt mean you are ‘educated’…grow up

  14. stalemate says:

    We can’t have sides with preconditions ruling the roost stopping it before it got silly was right

    • Soft Fluffy Pawn says:

      yip i think i agree with that stalemate

    • collesystem says:

      There is a reason why they are written
      Former QUB chess player btw. However it would not matter what team this was happening to. We must play by the rules. They cannot just be made up when it suits someone….Simple logic ?????????????????????????????????/

  15. Ballynafeigh Chess says:

    Guy you all know I do not censor if it can be avoided but please try to refrain from name calling

  16. Frail Bishop honestly one more and you’re for the sin-bin

  17. Baseball says:

    This would NOT have happened under the careful gaze and steady hand of a competent executive board.

    I have a solution; in fact it struck me right between the eyes.

    Why don’t the students up sticks and make an approach to yer man. You know, HIM!

    He was looking fresh meat for his ‘new team tournament’.

    A match made in heaven.

  18. Baseball says:

    The inhabitants of Hiroshima. Innocent victims of a ferocious onslaught….oh wait…..

  19. QUB says:

    Am I as an individual allowed to play for another club for this year?

    • Hammer says:

      well,,seeing as your club has ‘cried’ off,,i dont see why not

    • Libel Police says:

      You as an individual should use a different name to reflect that your views are your own and not representative of QUB. If QUB Chess Club makes a statement then it will come through the official channels. The moderator of this site should check his emails and have some responsibility to stop libelous comments.

      • As the moderator of this site I can assure you QUB has posted on this site for nearly 2 years.
        Now Mr Liberal police how about you stating you’re own name not that you have too mind … but the phrase pot kettle black springs to mind. You have sought tbe comfort of the QUB facebook address suggesting it is the collective view of all when clearly it is NOT!
        I wouldn’t allow QUB to make a statement for QUB on this site his post clearly states that he was enquiring on a personal singular level.
        Have the thought police taken over Queens that other views are not allowed to be expressed? Because my text inbox and email inbox would suggest that all is not rosey in the garden.
        The question he posed was non judgmental non official and non collective. I find it rather telling that this is the reaction, but given the sensitivities involved I will email to ask that he refrains from posting in the current atmosphere. However if he wishes to post he can, it will be a request by me only.

      • I just read your comment again and aside from the misrepresentation and thought police attitudes could you nip into the library at Queens in your spare time and look up the word libellous.
        I’m confident you’ll find it quite enlightening and hopefully this new gained knowledge will assist you in eradicating misunderstandings on your part in the future.

  20. checkmate says:

    heavens above that is most disappointing. i have to admit i can see why damian hung up and refused to listen to their demands before they would play in the leagues because it would spirral to every club on every issue. one thing i would love to know what was the list of preconditions

  21. Hammer says:

    Why dont Queens post their childish demands on here ?,,ive yet to see them even if i know what they are…All they are doing is messing up the fixtures for everybody else but dont care…very endearing of them….Furthermore,,i would like to see a rule proposed for next season that if a team pulls out after all the fixtures have been posted for no good reason,be banned from entering the following season

    • Karpov says:

      I think we all would like to know what these preconditions/demands were. They can’t seriously have wanted into division one with 5 junior players!
      I’ve also heard that they felt aggrieved by injustices by the league controller over the last few years yet if what I have heard is true and it’s an excellent source all the evidence available strongly points to the opposite they actually received heavy favouritism from the controller.
      Come on QUB time to man up and list these hard done by claims

      • Hammer says:

        yea,,go ahead,,we dont mind if you blush children,,you can go and play with your dolls pram later

  22. Baseball says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the student’s chess future. Check out the alternative northern ireland chess pages.

    Quite a fawning appreciation of the youth of today via individual appreciation and adulation. Certainly no member of the banished is out of reach.

    If yer man doesn’t want them for pummelling practise then the realm of sweetness will relentlessly embrace the outcasts.

  23. Hammer says:

    Make sure you dont post anything on Chess NI that the head honcho doesnt agree with or he’ll delete your comments and block you from further comments..Censorship at its best/worst,,you have to agree with everything he says or else

    • Nick says:

      I am just back from holiday so not sure exactly what this is about but would like to make a couple of pts. It shouldn’t matter what the gradings of any players are as they could improve their game playing v our top players in the top division plus is it the board’s decision who gets promoted and relegated or is there rules that must be followed? I understand we want the best teams in the leagues but if the next placed team from the 2nd div wants to play in the 1st Division then they should be allowed.

      • Hi Nick did you bring that hurricane back with you,

        It’s actually the league controllers decision as to who gets put in what division. Any team that wins their division have automatic promotion provided they keep that team intact. A team can’t win promotion then change it’s players to a weaker line up and still expect promotion.
        The reverse is also true if a team is relegated but gains stronger players that would be too strong for the lower division then the league controller may keep them in the division of their estimated strength if he considers it to be to the benifit of the league. Other deciding factors can be divisional numbers and fixture lists.

        UCU rules allow for an appeal to the captains committee if a team believes the controller has been unduly harsh or vindictive, Though as yet this option has never been used.

        With the folding of North Belfast the 4 RVH teams the rise and fall of Clifton House, Bangor going from 3 to 1 to 2 to 1 team, the TAT CIYMS Shorts Fisherwick, Belfast South Kelly’s Heroes< Lagan folding. Fruithill Derriaghy Randalstown Magherafelt, Hillsborough, Queens coming then going then coming again before getting a 2nd team then a 3rd then a 4th.
        Lindores 1 and 2 folding Ballynafeigh going from 1 to 3 then 5 then 6 then 4 then 7 then 4 again. Strand arriving with 4 it would clearly be impossible to let a standard up and down promotion run religiously.without flexibility.

      • Hammer says:

        exactly what i said previously,,,its only common sense

      • Nick says:

        Suppose that makes sense.

  24. Hammer says:

    Shades of a coup possibly?

  25. Baseball says:

    No publication of a league fixture list on the official organ: no-one knows where they stand. A true reflection of the situation, or an editing stand off from the south of France? A shambles by any other name.

    The QUB stand off is a farce.

    On one side: the executive board: a rag-tag of non-entities led by an ineffective fog-horn. A blunderbuss-style approach to diplomacy, with everyone caught in the cross fire like a bunch of line-dancing fanatics, is the preferred method to bully everyone into order.

    On the other, a bunch of enthusiastic students, the future of our society, the brightest of bring minds, asking for a chance to display their wares on an elevated stage. A right their past performances have earned.

    This fair want has been ruled a non-starter by a ruler more concerned with style than substance. Never one to be bound by rules, at least when it doesn’t suit the agenda of whatever week we happen to be in, an arbitrary judgement has been enforced, much to the dismay of the newbies. Surely when the local chess world starts to operate with the sense of fairness that the grown-ups in the real world exhibit, the correct assessment will be reached. We can wait.

    What next? A forlorn journey, cap in hand to the student’s union to repair matters? That will surely result in radio silence. Overtures to the discount-chasing partying youth of today will no doubt be rebuffed, surely to the delight of the pummelling pugilist up the road.

    Resign? We can only hope.

  26. Karpov says:

    Apart from resign do you ever write anything that isn’t cowardly cryptic

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